Licenses: (All Royalty Free) 

Social MediaFor use in Personal or Paid Projects.

Includes - Tik-Tok, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and all other social media platforms. 

TV - For use in Videos for Television broadcast. 

Includes: Ads - Bumpers - Background Audio. 

Film - For use in Films. 

Includes - Netflix - Amazon Prime - TV Channels - Cinema. 

Can I monetize my video if I use your music?

Yes, by purchasing with us you've cleared the rights to use Music For edits content in your videos and you can monetize right away!

By Purchasing, Do i own the copyright?

No. All music sold is owned and licensed by Music For Edits ©

Will I get a Content ID claim on my video if I don't have a license?

Absolutely! However as long you have purchased a copy, it will be cleared from claims forever. All Music is licensed, owned and copyright by Music For Edits.

Can I distribute covers/remixes of Music For Edits content on streaming platforms such as Spotify or iTunes?

No, you may not. We do not offer any licenses allowing you to distribute our music in the form of covers or remixes on streaming platforms. Any detected content of this type will be instantly reported to the platform for takedown, and result in legal action. 

Will there be Ads on my video?

It’s up to you! As long as you have purchased through us you'll have total freedom in deciding whether you have ads on your videos or not.  

Will i receive a license with a purchase?

 For any purchases for TV or Film, a custom license will be emailed directly to you. 

How will i receive my item?

Your purchase will be emailed directly to the email address you gave when checking out. This will include a download link to the products. 


We do not accept refunds on digital purchases. 

Get In Contact:

Email: info@musicforedits.com

Facebook: Music For Edits

Instagram: musicforedits_uk